December 24, 2010

fashion friday: political ambitions

Shirt: Forever 21
Cardigan: Target
Skirt: So old it's impossible to know
Belt: Shade
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Forever Young

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that Sam thinks these new glasses make me look like Sarah Palin. Especially if I wear my hair in a bun. I'd like to officially announce my presidential candidacy for 2012, thanks.

I've been scouring the interwebs for a good solid tie-front button up shirt for a long time now. Then I realized I have a button up shirt that came with a sash. And the tie was born. The poor sash has been stuffed into a corner of my closet for so long now that even ironing didn't quite un-straggle it. I have high hopes for the future, though, now that it knows it has a role to play in my wardrobe. Come on, sash, buck up.

I just realized that I'm not smiling in any of these. This makes no sense, as it was kind of still drizzling rain when we took these and Sam stood under the eaves of the house and got dripped on mightily and it was pretty funny. Such a gem of a husband.


Danny and Jannifer 12/26/10, 9:31 PM  

Krista, if you ran for president, know you would have my vote!

Ashley Arnold 12/27/10, 8:46 AM  

I LOVE this post. You'd get my vote too. And with that outfit, I'm sure you'd get all your followers [plus a lot more] to vote for you too. :) xoxo

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