December 1, 2010

random photo: cjane

As you can tell, I'm on an old picture kick. This one is (obviously) from more than a year ago when I went to get my hair cut and there was Courtney Kendrick of cjane enjoy it fame. Ashlee Wilcken, who is cjane's stylist and cut my hair that day, took the picture. I stole it off of her blog yesterday. We were talking at work awhile ago about meeting famous people. Everyone had at least one brush with fame. This is all I got.

(Post edit: I hope I don't sound snarky about meeting CJane. While it may be my only brush with fame, it was certainly a pleasant brush.)


Stacie S-H 12/1/10, 8:24 PM  

Lucky!! I want to meet her someday

C. Jane Kendrick 12/1/10, 9:09 PM  

Well, you've got to start somewhere.

(nice to meet you!)

Ashley Arnold 12/2/10, 2:45 PM  

You are a legit blogger now, my dear. You've made it.

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