December 8, 2010

random photo(s): christmas time in the city

I love Christmas decorations. So very very much. For example, Sam repeatedly asked me why I kept looking at his hair the other night. I wasn't. I was looking over his head at the Christmas decorations. I couldn't stop. Because I love them. Are you getting this?

This year, I pulled inspiration from Katie Did, Sweet Paul, and Gifted magazine. And then I made things. Like ornaments and wreaths and garlands. I sat on the floor surrounded by paper and and scissors and Mod Podge and glitter and tree limbs and feathers and fishing line and tape. The house was a complete wreck. Sam cut out a lot of snowflakes. Even when I told him I didn't need anymore, he made more. They were good, too. Then he cleaned everything up while I was sleeping (he's adorable AND useful). And of course, we put up lights. 

So here's a little taste of our Christmas house right now. Joy to the world.


Jessie 12/8/10, 1:15 PM  

Krista! I didn't know you had a blog! I just saw the link on Facebook, and I'm happy to know about it now. I have a blog too, check it out!

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