December 20, 2010

responsibilities of christmas

I decided this was going to be the first year I became an adult, meaning, I gave out neighbor gifts for Christmas. Hurray. I've lived in my neighborhood for a couple of years now, it's probably time to be sociable. I saw this idea and thought, hey, easy and cute! So I found this recipe for cinnamon roasted almonds which seemed pretty simple. Well! It's a good thing I decided to be an adult and try this whole neighbor gift while I still have free time in my life because holy cow, making these took a million years. Or at least eight hours. Never again! The almonds were delicious, though, if I do say so myself. And I do like my neighbors, so I guess the spirit of giving is all that's important. They better like me too, though, because if not, I might start giving out coal. 


Kristina and Joe 12/20/10, 9:40 AM  

Love the presentation! I know I am not strictly a neighbor but feel free to send one down here.

Betty 12/20/10, 6:04 PM  

Did you make those cute little cone things?

Ashley Arnold 12/21/10, 9:34 AM  

ha ha- I'm with Kristina. :) And I'm super impressed that you spent 8 hours on those! WOW! Yay for being an adult! (For YOU, being an adult... I'm not ready yet.) ;)

Jessie 12/26/10, 2:20 PM  

...and they were delicious! Thanks!

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