January 17, 2011

game changer

On Friday night, I went out to get us some milkshakes. 

I came home blithely (milkshakes are good for that). Inside our door was an unsealed envelope addressed to Sam and Krista. I handed Sam his milkshake and opened the card that was inside to read:

Dear Sam and Krista: I apologize and regret to inform you that I'm going to need the apartment for a family member in 30 days. I hope you understand and I again apologize. I tried to help them figure out another way. You've been great renters and I will give you a referral or reference of excellent tenancy with me if you need one. -[our landlord]


My milkshake was forgotten. 

It had honestly never occurred to me that we might be asked to vacate our apartment. I had always liked the idea of our month to month lease, knowing that we could leave whenever we needed to. But asked to leave! Such a thought had never entered my mind. It may not be a big deal to some people, but this is a huge deal to me. I only lived in two different places in college. We've lived in the same place our entire marriage. The "one second all is well, the next second we have to move" thing was weird.

The shock has worn off, to some degree, although a slightly surreal feeling remains. Late at night I start to worry about all that needs to be done in 30 (now 27) scant days. The constant haunting of Craigslist! The endless apartment touring! The savage racing to be first to apply for vacancies! The packing!

Yet, when the morning comes, I remember something the Spirit has taught me so recently it can't be a coincidence. And it is that the Lord provides. Daily. Endlessly. Always. Fear is not acceptable. Faith is imperative. 

And so we will move because it is time to do so. When He says "Here," we will go there. Until then, I will not be afraid.


Ashley Arnold 1/17/11, 8:39 AM  

Oh you've got to be kidding... Krista, I'm so sorry! What a headache. You're obviously already checking out Craigslist, but KSL classifieds is a good place too. BAAAHH! That's so crazy.

Betty 1/17/11, 9:35 AM  

There is much to be said for new beginnings. And just think of how much fun you can have decorating a new place. So many possibilities.

Rachel 1/17/11, 10:10 AM  

Oh Krista! I am so sorry! I am glad you've had lessons lately that have prepared you for this. Colorado Springs is MAGNIFICENT! if you and Sam are feeling adventurous ;).

Kristina and Joe 1/17/11, 12:28 PM  

I love this post (not the eviction part) and the reminder that the Lord will provide. I know you will look back on this and see it as a blessing some day. Like being able to continue your love where you are living posts in a new place. Love ya, and good luck!

Candace 1/17/11, 2:32 PM  

Wow! Seriously.
I'm so sorry you'll have to go. I felt like I was just getting to know you. Your attitude is right on - He will help you find a way. Good luck!

brittney 1/18/11, 9:30 PM  

oh no! i'm so sorry. what a blow to the gut. good luck...it will all work out. i hate it when people tell me that. but...here i am, telling you the same thing. because it's true. in a frustrating-although-sometimes-humorous way.

the pretend blog 1/19/11, 6:40 PM  

That is awful and oh so sad... May be I can offer a little help. If you want to do the basic apartment thing. I work at an apartment complex in West Jordan, and my husband and I live here. I could totally work something out for your guys. If you are interested, it is Willow Cove Apartments. You can call me at work 801-562-1770 or on my cell 801-824-9307... Oh and I know this seems weird because I am totally blog stalking you... I don't know if you remeber me, but I recognized you in the pictures, my husband and I both graduated from Alta the same year as you did and I was checking out blogs that are posted on the Alta blog and I clicked on yours.... Maybe it was a sign and there was a reason I was randomly blog stalking and I pulled up your blog. Call me if I can help-- Jennie Schmidt Taylor

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