January 14, 2011

fashion friday: i'm cold

Today I'm guest posting over at AEJones about transitioning your summer wardrobe to winter! Check it out here!
Hat: Ross
Shirt: Forever 21
Watch and bracelets: Walmart
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
This outfit is rather dark and gray, just like the weather for the last three weeks. Below freezing every day! Gross inversion and dirty, icy sidewalks. Welcome to January.

Still, I like it. The outfit, not the weather. I had been feeling too Land's End lately, and I think this switched that up nicely. Not that I mind a good Land's End outfit, but not every day, which tends to happen in the winter. I get out of the shower to freezing air and floors and I put on a bulky sweater with boots. Too often. Therefore, even if my skinny white ankles did freeze in this outfit, it was worth it.

Speaking of freezing floors, our basement apartment floors keep Sam's and my feet always icy icy cold. It's a fight every night when we get in bed to see who can stick their cold feet on the other person's bare back or stomach first. This game is only fun if I win. Sam lets me win a lot, but not every time. Luckily he got me a hot water bottle for Christmas and our sister-in-law Rachel made us each one of those bags filled with beans that you stick in the microwave. Now it's a fight to see who has to go heat those things up and bring them back to bed.

Ah marriage.


Brissa 1/14/11, 8:25 AM  

I love this outfit. You look GOOD. Like, really good. Everything in these picture are working.

Ashley Arnold 1/14/11, 12:08 PM  

I love, love, love this. Love the cuffed pants. DARLING.

Rachel 1/16/11, 4:32 PM  

super cute outfit! and me and the hubs do the same thing. he gets so mad at me when i pull up his shirt and wrap my icy hands and arms onto his bare skin. i hold on with a death grip and see how long it takes him to shake me off. ha. he doesn't find it too amusing

brittney 1/18/11, 9:32 PM  

i do love a cuffed pant. bravo.

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