March 4, 2011

fashion friday: wherefore art thou spring?

Lace shrug: Forever 21
Dress: Shade
Tights: Target
Boots: Target

I've stopped wearing a coat when I go outside, even if it's snowing. Last week I wore a short sleeve shirt and espadrilles in the middle of a small blizzard. WHY IS IT NOT SPRING?

And that is all I can think of to write today. The endless winter sucks away my inspiration.


Candace 3/4/11, 9:28 AM  

lovin' this outfit - it's a favorite.

Brissa 3/4/11, 9:42 AM  

i hate winter. i hate how mother nature teases me with warmth then takes it away. such a monkey giver that woman.

Ashley Arnold 3/4/11, 11:46 AM  

It's coming... it's so close. It has to be. It's sunny today! That helps... a little.

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