April 25, 2011

another wedding

My grandpa got married this weekend. It is quite a unique experience to attend your own grandfather's wedding. A good experience, though. He is happy and I'm so happy for him. Both my grandpa and his new wife were married for a long time to spouses who are now passed on. The four of them were friends all their married lives. And now the two that are left are companions for one another and able to remember and honor each others' original spouses. God's plan for us really is beautiful. The way this marriage has come about is really quite touching and His hand can be seen all through it. I am so glad that I know two things: one, that my grandpa will be with my grandma again someday and two, that God wants each of us to be happy even in this life, including my grandpa and his new wife. It was beautiful this weekend.

Besides, it was hilarious to watch old people act like nervous young newlyweds.


Brissa 4/26/11, 10:01 AM  

oh cute!! i love old people love.

Ashley Arnold 4/27/11, 12:00 AM  

Wow - how neat. Amazing that the four of them were friends, and now the remaining two are together. Wow. And your closing comment made me burst out laughing. Love it.

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