April 27, 2011

random photo: embroidered onesie

I went to a baby shower on Saturday and since we're poor and since I already had a pack of onesies and thread and needles on hand from when I made this before, I made another one to give away. I remembered late the night before that I needed to do this and I was exhausted but I plopped down on the couch next to Sam to sew away. For some reason, I was remembering (incorrectly) that I used embroidery thread and I could not get the embroidery thread to go in my needle because it's so much thicker than regular thread. I asked Sam for help and he literally spent 20 minutes shredding piece after piece of embroidery thread trying to get it in the needle. And right as he finally got it, I remembered that I should be using regular thread all along. Whoops.


Brissa 4/27/11, 8:21 AM  

oh, krista. this is beautiful. make me one when i have a baby? pleeeeeeease.

Kristina and Joe 4/27/11, 10:48 AM  

I love the embroidery thread! This onesie is adorable.

Elaine 4/27/11, 3:55 PM  

I hate when that happens! IT's super cute.

Ashley Arnold 4/30/11, 11:25 PM  

What a darling idea!! :)

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