April 18, 2011

lead kindly light

My brother Jake who is on his mission in Estonia right now sent this audio clip to my mom for her birthday. It is a duet of him and his companion singing Lead, Kindly Light. Boy's got some talent. He's the second one to come in and he sings the harmony for most of it.

Click here for the song: Lead, Kindly Light


Rachel 4/18/11, 6:46 AM  

That's beautiful Krista. Did your mom just cry? I am tempted to right about now. And, does he look much older to you? I am thinking he looks older.

oona 4/18/11, 9:34 AM  

Aww that's so sweet! Estonia you say? Wow well then he's crazy close to where I live. Just couple hours away. Even though I live in Finland hah

Kristina and Joe 4/18/11, 10:19 AM  

That is really really sweet.

Lisa 4/20/11, 8:07 AM  

Very impressive...what a great voice!

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