April 11, 2011

more reasons

More things I love about Sam:

-When I accidentally cut his hair a little too short while performing my first hair cut with scissors, he doesn't get mad but happily clips it all that same length.

-He very seriously tells me that he has realized that Han Solo may be the only person who has shot directly at Darth Vader and lived. He then proceeds to tell me exactly when Han Solo shot at Darth Vader.

-He takes me on walks around the neighborhood and discusses the pros and cons of each house.

-He smells amazing all the time.

-He offers to clean the entire house and all I have to do is take the car to the shop, which entails sitting in a chair and reading. Even when they didn't have the parts and he has to go back while I'm at work, he still cleans the whole house.

-He hums a random melody to himself while cooking but has no idea what song or that he is even doing it when I point it out.


Betty 4/11/11, 10:02 AM  

I once made a list of 100 reasons why I love my husband. It wasn't even hard. Looking for good is definitely a key to happiness.

Rachel 4/11/11, 2:05 PM  

This blog made me laugh out loud and "oohh". I love it!

Kristina and Joe 4/11/11, 2:44 PM  

I learned to never question Sam's knowledge of Star Wars.

Whitney 2/7/22, 4:00 AM  

I really enjoyed your blog posts thank you

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