April 6, 2011

random photo: high school musical

Yesterday was a super crappy day at work and then my car wouldn't start when I tried to leave. So you'll excuse me if I only leave you with this picture of Vanessa Hudgens that oddly looks like Zac Efron in a wig.


Brissa 4/6/11, 5:13 PM  

ew. i don't like her.
sorry about your car. have a better day and come to the utah blogger meet up so i can see your face.

Elaine 4/6/11, 7:31 PM  

Not a fan either.....

Kristina and Joe 4/6/11, 9:13 PM  

I like her, but she does look a lot like Zac Efron here. Sorry about your car.

Anonymous,  4/7/11, 10:11 PM  

haha yes she looks just like him here! you know they say your attracted to someone who looks like you...btw cute blog!!

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