April 4, 2011

general conference

This last weekend was General Conference, which is when the prophet and leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints speak to the members of the church and to the world. Sam's parents came in to town and stayed with us. We watched all the sessions in our living room and they were amazing. I am so thankful for prophets. I wanted to share one of the talks that touched me deeply. I promise it is worth the time to watch it, especially if you have ever or are currently experiencing heartbreak. So basically it's for everyone.


oona 4/4/11, 11:32 AM  

ah i never thought of his speech like that the first time but now i got a ot more out of it thanks to you! (: but for some reason i also noticed that the cut of his jacket was way weird and it distracted me. but it looks like it was amde for women! aahh!

Jessie 4/5/11, 2:33 PM  

Happy General Conference weekend!

Brittney 4/5/11, 8:22 PM  

agreed. best.talk.ever. okay, there were actually like four of them that hit me super personally. this was one of them.
thanks for sharing, krista.

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