August 12, 2011

19 weeks

Remember this guy? He came home last weekend and it was awesome. He looks so old. And really good. And he's quite eligible. He'll be snatched up in no time. Also, I never wrote about it because I'm such a lazy blogger now, but my next brother (number three) is also on a mission now. He is in the MTC learning Russian, to head out to the Vladivostok mission in just a few weeks. If you recall, my first brother also went to Russia. Pretty cool. I do miss him although I probably won't write a sappy post about it.

Also, the baby moves all the time now. We're still waiting for it to be strong enough for Sam to be able to feel it too. Our ultrasound got moved to this Monday, so three more days!!!


Brissa 8/12/11, 12:29 PM  

cute. cute. cute.
it's a boy.
just sayin.

Rachel 8/12/11, 1:40 PM  

Ahh! Three more days! I'm so excited for you. Sam will feel him/her soon enough. Prepare to spend many a night laying in bed laughing as you both feel (and watch!) the little ones movements. It's the best! And, as always, you look perfectly lovely. Your tiny little bump is adorable.

Lisa Arce-Merrill 8/12/11, 5:06 PM  

That's so was Lexi's birthday on Wednesday, and it got me to wondering why your brother wasn't home yet. Random, huh? You look so cute! I'm excited about the ultrasound!!

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