September 6, 2011

23 weeks

So what a couple of weeks! Sam went out of town on a backpacking trip with his dad and somehow I cried at the drop of a hat while he was gone. He's been out of town without me before but this time the hormones had their way with me and I thought I was going to die without him, apparently. He had fun though, which I'm so glad about. Next time he goes will just have to be when I'm not pregnant.

Also we have had the introduction of heartburn! Hooray! I've actually never had heartburn before so it took me awhile to realize what was going on. Also my heartburn feels like my esophagus is uncomfortably full of ice water, which is not exactly what I had heard about the condition. Still, tums help so that's cool.

I finally gained some weight! At my 14 and 18 week appointments, I had lost weight, which is probably not what is supposed to happen during pregnancy. But finally, last week, I have gained 6 pounds! I'm so proud!

I'm trying to think of something to report that isn't baby related and I'm coming up with nothing.... I imagine this will be a familiar feeling in the coming years.


LeeAnn 9/6/11, 9:50 PM  

You are such a beautiful pregnant lady! Hey, we realized we still have Duncan's infant car seat. Would you like it? It's cute, in great condition, and doesn't expire until 2015.

andrea kay 9/7/11, 12:54 AM  

You are so cute! And I blog-stalk you. Hope you don't mind. Miss you lots. I'm glad life is going well (minus the heartburn).

mary 9/7/11, 5:40 AM  

Losing weight, poor you. You look super.

Rachel 9/7/11, 7:47 AM  

I'm glad you're growing! I think 22 weeks was when I had officially gained 5 pounds. Very exciting times. =) Now I'm working diligently to keep some weight off, but cest la vie! And, yay for Sam being home now!

Anonymous,  9/8/11, 4:12 PM  

I didn't gain weight with my second until my third trimester. I think my fat just relocated to my belly ... Pregnancy was also the first time I had heartburn (I thought I was dying). Glad the Tums help, and you look super cute! :)

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