September 18, 2011

25 weeks

25 weeks marks the end of being able to see my feet while standing. It also marks the end of painting my own toenails, and shortly (I suspect) being able to shave my legs in the shower. Sam has agreed to take over these duties in the near future which should be extremely entertaining. I've already had him bending over to get things for me that are near the floor. It's pretty sweet.

I have nicknamed this boy Kicky. He seriously kicks all. day. long. Strongly. Which is awesome. I'm curious if he is a particularly active child or if this is normal for all babies? I'm not sure how to tell before having another child. We can see him moving across my stomach now, which is enormously hilarious but only to us, I would imagine.

Speaking of my stomach, ohhhhhh stretch marks. They have arrived. I tried to beat the genetics (thank you, Mom) by slathering pure shea butter on every day like certain bloggers have recommended. I drank tons of water every day, I ate relatively healthily. No dice. I have become reconciled to my fate, with some sadness, but nothing to do but embrace it. Still, I should have believed my doctor when she said there was nothing that can be done to prevent it. Then I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Ah well. Sam insists they're cute. We'll see how cute they are when there's not a baby underneath them.


Kristina and Joe 9/18/11, 11:00 PM  

Despite what anyone says you can put on them, if you are genetically prone, you will get stretch marks. All those people who put stuff on them and didn't get them are apparently not genetically wired to get them. Luckily if Sam thinks they are cute that is all that matter because he will be the only one that sees them. You look cute!

mary 9/19/11, 2:57 PM  

This hairstyle is ultra cute on you. So is pregnancy, by the way. I always knew you would be adorable pregnant.

Rachel 9/21/11, 6:31 AM  

I share the sad stretch mark fate. I think people with fair skinned genetics must be more prone to them. I have a friend that tanned in her backyard everyday (which, I realize, neither of us has but maybe one day) and said they faded significantly and are much less noticeable now. It's worth a try...right?

Candace Shiflet 9/30/11, 1:21 PM  

awh haha so exciting! and I love this. Your hubs gets to shave your legs haha now he'll understand why it isn't all that fun for us :) you're a cute prego lady!

Lovely Little Rants

Whim Wham Life 9/30/11, 2:05 PM  

You are gonna be one hot mama! I'm 31 weeks along right now, and definitely have a little kickball in my stomach too. I didn't know if it was a boy thing? or we're just in for a very active guy:-) xoxo

Mandy | Baking with Blondie 10/2/11, 9:13 AM  

You look so adorable! I wish I dressed as cute as you when I was preggo! Oh, and I didn't end up with any stretch marks at all - however, I still (6 months after giving birth) have a vertical line from the end of my ribs to right under my belly button. It appeared when I was 7 mo. pregnant. I don't predict this ever going away. lol

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