November 1, 2011

31 weeks

I feel like my face is getting fatter. The last two pictures I have this weird squinty eye thing going on but I'm not actually squinting. I think my cheeks are taking over. Ah well.

The kicking is starting to get just slightly painful meaning baby is getting strong, hooray! Also he likes to brace himself against my spine and thrust his various body parts forward. This makes for lots of fun for Sam and me to feel his little foot or knee or bum but it does cause me some weird tingling. 

So technically he could come in six weeks! Let's go with that, shall we?

Happy Halloween yesterday to everyone. We did nothing. Next year, however, I'm pretty sure there will be a baby dressed as Yoda that will be shown off in as many places as possible.


Rachel 11/1/11, 4:49 PM  

Krista, you look awesome! My face was really swollen by the end of my pregnancy too. It all falls off immediately =). I showed Ben your sweet comment on my last blog, he immediately said, "Rachel, you still have a huge pooch, you just hide it well." So, no worries on the pooch factor. I am excited for future-Yoda baby to get here soon!

Brissa 11/1/11, 5:02 PM  

you look beautiful!! i love your outfit. i swear everything looks cuter/better with a baby bump. EVERYTHING. it makes me slightly jealous. i'm so happy to hear your baby is doing well. SIX WEEKS!!! YAYAYA.

Sarah Familia 11/1/11, 5:29 PM  

I KNEW he was going to be a Yoda!

Betty 11/2/11, 9:27 AM  

You are nothing but radiantly beautiful.

Kristina and Joe 11/2/11, 10:18 AM  

Let him stay in there as long as possible and enjoy getting at least a little sleep. Can't wait to see the Yoda costume.

Ashley 11/9/11, 9:26 PM  

Oh Krista... do you have any idea how badly it makes me want to be pregnant and married (not in that order) when I read your blog and see these darling pictures of you?! I want to be married tomorrow. Can't believe you're going into three years of marriage... amazing how time flies!! xoxo

Gavin Dodson 6/19/23, 11:52 AM  

Appreciate thhis blog post

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