November 15, 2011

33 weeks

Well 33 weeks is getting up there, I feel. We are collecting more and more baby items and I am getting more and more sore and unable to sleep. It's very exciting. We've attended our first birthing class which was fun for me and apparently super gross for Sam which made me laugh. As long as he doesn't pass out during the actual thing....


Tatum,  11/15/11, 4:58 PM  

I love your hairstyle. Very classic and also festive. :) Wishing you comfort these last few weeks!

AEJones 11/15/11, 5:10 PM  

AHH! KRISTA... you are going to have a baby. This is so crazy. SO excited for you!

Betty 11/15/11, 5:32 PM  

Yep, looks like a baby. Samuel's just going to have to man up.

Sarah Familia 11/15/11, 5:48 PM  

Do you have a body pillow? Tony got me a pillow ten feet long that curved like a horseshoe when I was pregnant with Raj, and it was SOO helpful.

Brissa 11/15/11, 9:53 PM  


i like how that's all i ever say on your baby posts, but it's true.
i'm so excited to meet little baby bringhurst!!

Rachel 11/16/11, 4:07 PM  

Oh Krista, you look fantastic! Truly. Sam will be everything you need him to be when it comes down to it. He'll become your Superman.

lauren,  11/20/11, 6:13 PM  

I love you sis, I am soooo excited to be a aunt!!!

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