December 15, 2011

37 weeks

Sam took this picture and then said "Wow, you are very pregnant." Yep. I am.

Guys, 37 weeks means full term! Which means any day now! I am totally ready. My sewing projects are all done, my house is all clean, there are meals in the freezer, the baby clothes are all washed and put away, the hospital bag is packed, the car seat is installed, plus my legs are shaved (for the moment). I am dilated 2 cm and 60% effaced already and the baby's head is low down. Let's get this show on the road! Unfortunately, I haven't felt any strong contractions yet, but still. They could start any time (like tonight, please).

Anybody have any fool-proof labor starting techniques?


mary 12/15/11, 8:34 PM  

Oh exciting. Since your legs are shaved you might as well have this baby tonight. Except you look so good still -- your ankles are still skinny and you just look super. Aren't you supposed to be miserable at this point?

My friend swears pineapple juice induces labor. I wouldn't call it fool-proof (in fact, I don't believe her), but I will admit that I had pineapple juice the night before I went into labor with Abby. Coincidence? =D

Brissa 12/15/11, 10:02 PM  

ohmygoshKRISTA!!!! pleaaase have your baby tonight!! and if you can, you should live tweet the birth because that's what all hardcore bloggers do.

i'm kidding. don't do that. be with your family and your baby. leave technology alone for a month. THAT'S AN ORDER.


Alicia 12/16/11, 9:13 AM  

Hang in there Krista!

the lecheminants 12/16/11, 9:22 AM  

you look fabulous!!! i'm so excited for you to meet your little one :)

curb-walking did it for me. you look a little ridiculous while doing it, but it worked! just walk along the curb, one foot up, and then the next foot down in the gutter. i went into labor a few hours after doing a bit of that. :) best of luck!!!

Kristina and Joe 12/17/11, 7:48 PM  

I don't know if there are any sure ways to start labor, but I did the Wii hula hoop and my water broke that night, so you could give that a try. Please have the baby by Dec. 29th so I can see him!

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