December 5, 2011

the nursery

So the baby's room has been mostly done for quite awhile, just waiting on some finishing touches. You can see how this room previously looked as our fake guestroom here. It is all finally done now and time to be blogged. Drum roll please.

Ta-da! The crib is from Ikea but we got it slightly used from I painted it and the dresser (which we already had) Dolphin Grey from Glidden which happens to be much more purple than grey in certain lights. Poor baby boy. Since the paint was a free sample, there was no repainting. Please. Like I buy paint. The afghan was made by my late grandmother and inspired the rainbow theme. The map and the rug we already had. My mom gave us the hamper since she wasn't using it.

The crib mobile I made from paint chips (free) and an embroidery hoop from the craft store. It was kind of pain but I like it a lot.

The diaper pail was a baby shower gift. The dresser as I mentioned, we already had. It used to be my great grandmother's and was handed off to us when we got married. I repainted it and used white spray paint on the handles. The changing pad was given to us.

Most of the frames we already had or I got at a thrift store. The artwork was either printed for free or we already had except the Star Wars one at the top. That I bought for Sam from Etsy. I got a cardboard B from the craft store and wrapped it in yarn I already had. B is not baby's first initial (we don't actually have a name yet) but it does stand for Baby and Boy and our last name which starts with B (I'm reaching a little, I know).

This is my favorite spot in the whole house. The rocking chair is soooo comfortable and we found it for $5 on craigslist thanks to a quick text from Sam's sister.

The bookshelf we already had and the books are a combination of already owned books, gifts, and thrift store finds. I couldn't resist the delightfully soft stuffed panda for $5 at Kohl's and the stuffed Yoda and Millenium Falcon I gave to Sam for his birthday. The baby keys were a gift. The stuffed owl I made myself out of a sock using this tutorial. The globe, camera, and birds/cage we already had.

The pom-poms you may remember were made by Sam for my surprise rainbow birthday!

The valance I made using this tutorial and cost $6 or so because I already had the fabric.

The pillow, nightstand, lamp, piggy bank, and Eiffel Tower we already had and the baby monitor was a gift.

Those closet door knobs were a weird coppery/brass color so I spray painted them white also.

The back of the Happy Birthday banner Sam made for my birthday.

So there you have it! Total cost to make this a baby's room? Less than $100. Probably closer to $70-$80. Not too bad I say. Now if only a little baby lived here already...


mary 12/5/11, 12:29 PM  

That is SO fun! I so enjoyed this post. I wouldn't expect anything less from you - sweet handmade touches in every single part of the room. I am so impressed with your book collection already - we had a total of TWO. baby books when David was born. Back then it seriously never dawned on me to buy things for a baby ahead of time - I wish I was still that way!

My boys would be in love with this room. All the colors and the map - they'd be in heaven.

That little B baby will be here closer than you think. Enjoy your last few weeks!

Sarah Familia 12/5/11, 2:27 PM  

I love it! You are so talented. That is one lucky little baby!

Candace 12/5/11, 4:46 PM  

Sweet!!! I LOVE the mobile. I was hoping you'd give some instructions & supply list. PLEASE :D

Betty 12/6/11, 6:45 PM  

Krista you are such a fun wife, daughter-in-law, mom, etc. etc. We're all lucky to know you.

RockyLauraRiley 12/8/11, 10:17 AM  

such a cute nursery! you have a good eye for design and i love all the personal touches and detail!

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