April 2, 2012

three months

This kid. He can be the sweetest, happiest, funniest thing I've ever seen. His smiles make me smile like nothing else can. Our conversations are hilarious. Snuggling with him is the best. His mood can change in an instant, though, and suddenly he is done being accommodating. His toys at which he so happily kicked and laughed are suddenly torture to him. His cries are occasionally piercing and his sad little face is both heartbreaking and intensely funny. 

This kid. His personality is actually rather serious, for all his smiles. Since birth he has been extremely observant and contemplative. He no longer sleeps through his walks and other outings but will gaze around him at all the exciting newness of things. 

This kid. He loves us. It is so obvious and so wonderful. We love him more than we ever thought possible. The best three months of our lives.


Brissa 4/2/12, 10:20 PM  

this post makes me so happy. what a cute little boy. he's going to be a genius. a genius and a heart breaker. mark my words

mary 4/3/12, 4:31 AM  

He is the sweetest thing. I know you take more pictures of him than once a month. Share.

Rachel 4/3/12, 3:26 PM  

I'm lovin the double chin in this picture and the leg rolls. And, I think they are looking less and less alike as they both get older.

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