April 3, 2012

an unexciting list

Thank you, Jannifer, for the darling bear hoodie!

I've been very bad at blogging anything other than "oh I love my baby so much!" Even though it's true, it's kind of boring for anyone besides Sam and me. And maybe Carter's grandmothers. So, an update about life besides baby.

We had Sam's parents and sister and brother-in-law over for Conference weekend, which was wonderful. It's always so fun to see them. Sam's family feels just like mine, laughing and teasing and generally having fun. The actual Conference talks were pretty amazing, too, particularly President Uchtdorf's. I think it was just for me as I have a hard time letting go of a few times I've been wronged in the past. But now I think I have the courage (with help) to let them go and forgive. Because I'm just as in the wrong as anyone else in this world, right? We're all sinners, begging for the mercy of God.

Let's see, what else is new. Carter and I go on a lot of walks, which is fun. We only have one car and Sam usually has it at work so I've been trekking all over town with the stroller to get errands done. Yesterday we walked to a sewing shop to get some buttons for a shirt I purchased at a thrift store (a darling polka dot blouse with ugly shell buttons that begged to be replaced). It was 20 blocks round trip and I didn't remember there is a closer sewing shop only 8 blocks round trip until I got home. Ah well. Exercise.

Speaking of polka dot blouses, I tried to make my own using this tutorial for polka dot pants. Unfortunately, the blouse I used (seen here) was way too thin of a material and when I accidentally moved the shirt from the newspaper underneath while it was still wet, it came down in the wrong spots and there were smudges of black paint everywhere. Also after I tried to salvage it and let it dry, the newspaper stuck to the shirt and wouldn't come off. It got tossed in the garbage. Craft fail.

In grosser news (seriously, you may want to skip this paragraph), I have lost my big toenail on my right foot. I dropped a heavy bowl directly on it the week before Carter was born, which hurt worse than childbirth, I'm pretty sure. It's looked bruised and/or dead ever since and finally last week had started to come off. Yesterday I numbed it in ice water and Sam pulled the last bit off with pliers. So romantic. And just in time for sandal season.

These trivial updates are really all I have. This is why I basically only gush about my baby. I mean, really, he's way more entertaining than anything else I've got going on. Especially with bear ears.


Jannifer 4/4/12, 9:42 AM  

You are very welcome, I'm glad you like the hoodie! He is so darling! Also, sorry to hear about your toe. That paragraph made me shutter a little.

Betty 4/6/12, 9:39 AM  

Sorry, but I laughed out loud about the toenail. Hope it doesn't hurt.

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