May 15, 2012

the goings on

A family picture on Easter

So an update on our life. Mostly right now we're consumed with the idea of sleeping while the actual act seems to slip farther and farther from our grasp. This kid sleeps worse now than he did as a brand newborn. Like, 45 minutes at a time and then waking and refusing to go back to sleep without eating. I realize this is absolutely my fault as I spent much of his first few months letting him sleep in my arms for naps and letting him fall asleep while nursing for nighttime sleep. What a sweet thing I thought it was! How was I to know this was a bad idea until it was too late?  His first few months he slept longer and longer and even hit seven hours straight one time! And then, it abruptly ended. First time mom problems. Our next baby will be a champion sleeper! I vow!

Anyway, we have been trying some tips from The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley (recommended by Angela, whose book recommendations are always spot on. I read everything she recommends! Thanks Angela) before we try the cry it out method. I'm not sure I can resort to that method without trying other things first. I know every mother hates the idea of listening to her child scream and not doing anything about it, but I think I really might have a permanent emotional breakdown if I have to. Not to be confused with the more common and less permanent emotional breakdowns I frequently have due to lack of sleep. Oh my poor husband. But anyway, for now, this is right for our little family, to try this way.

Really, though, one gets used to no sleep and the occasional three hour stretch this baby grants us feels like a huge gift! And we've seen some small signs of progress toward a full night since reading the book. I would be happy with just a night where every stretch was at least two hours. Low expectations are more likely to be met, right?

Aaaaaand, I really can't think of anything else to report. Literally, sleep or the lack thereof is everything right now. Tell me one day I'll sleep again?


Kristy,  5/15/12, 10:34 AM  

I love babies, but I do not miss the sleep deprivation! Try putting him on a feeding schedule. I would feed my girls once every 3-4 hours, never any sooner. They both slept through the night at 4 weeks old. I know letting them cry is literally the worst thing ever, but it helps. Our doctor told me to let them cry for 15 minutes max. If they cry any longer usually something else is wrong. Good luck, and hang in there. You sound like a great mom, and yes some day you will sleep again :)

Kristina and Joe 5/15/12, 10:55 AM  

I'm sorry Krista, I remember walking around in a fog a lot with Allie because I was so tired. Either he will sleep or your body will adjust to no sleep, which I think is where I have finally gotten to. It will get better. I am so grateful for books that help with parenting, and crying out does help, as hard as it is for you. You will get sleep someday, hang in there!

mary 5/15/12, 12:02 PM  

It is amazing how when you don't have sleep (or chocolate, or whatever), you become consumed with the thought. Good luck!! I LOVE the picture. I am really liking your hair!

Betty 5/15/12, 12:52 PM  

Benjamin slept so poorly as a baby, I remember saying that I thought I was literally going to die from lack of sleep. Thirty years later I'm still alive. I even had more babies. For a couple of sleep-deprived parents, you're awfully photogenic.

Sarah Familia 5/15/12, 2:44 PM  

His expression in that picture is just priceless.

Do you co-sleep? It really helped me to have the baby right next to me all the time, so that nobody had to get up and get him or put him back. Some people use fancy co-sleepers, but we just took off one side of his crib and bungee-corded the crib onto the side of our bed. He'd nurse, and then I could just scoot him back over into his own space, and then roll over and go to sleep myself.

Jessica 5/15/12, 3:07 PM  

We tired the baby whisperer books by Tracy Hogg. Seemed to work well for us, and I agree I can't stand the idea of abandoning your kid as they cry so hard. It's exhausting but once you finally get them to sleep you feel so much freedom.

Jannifer 5/15/12, 3:19 PM  

What a cute family picture! And, sorry for the lack of sleep. I have no suggestions, since I don't have kids. But you have my sympathy.

LeeAnn 5/15/12, 9:52 PM  

Just another suggestion--try Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I check it out from the library about every year it seems. I should just buy the book!

Jessie 6/22/12, 11:27 PM  

You will sleep again, I promise :) This may be too late, but maybe this will help for the next baby. Here's a link to the blog post I wrote on all of the things I do for my babies to help them sleep better (and some I start on day 1). It has worked for me because it's not too intense and you still get some snuggle time with your babies, but it has given me independent good sleeper 4 out of 4 times. I hope it helps:

P.S. Such a cute family picture, such an amazing little boy and you look BEAUTIFUL!

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