May 8, 2012

my boy



Brissa 5/8/12, 7:03 PM  

krista, i'm in love.
with him...obviously.

Katie 5/8/12, 7:46 PM  

He's just perfect, Krista!

Betty 5/8/12, 9:27 PM  

I can hardly stand how cute he is.

Tangerine 5/9/12, 7:34 AM  

Now I want to come down to Provo again.

Ashley Arnold 5/9/12, 8:57 AM  

A. Dor. A. Ble. I can't believe how much he's changed, Krista! He's such a little man!!

Unknown 5/15/12, 7:48 PM  

loved looking at this all during sacrament meeting on Sunday. Cute kid!

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