November 27, 2012

christmas decorations

This year might be my favorite so far. Mostly all new homemade decorations (all straight from Pinterest). Apparently I can only go a couple years liking my decorations, but I figure as long as I make them for cheap, it's fine. We had to shove the couches up against the tree to keep Carter away from it, but it left the perfect amount of space for the tree and Carter can't reach it so I'll take it. 
Anyway, I love it. 
P.S. Rachel, to respond to your comment long ago, we actually got new tables because the old ones were falling apart and we got white this time.
P.P.S. Sarah, as long as I'm responding to comments from ages ago, I'd be happy to teach you how to braid Axa's hair like I did my sister's! :)


Rachel 11/27/12, 7:08 PM  

For unto us a child is born" would be stuck in my head all month. I guess there's worse things. And, I feel special being responded to in such a cute post.

Betty 11/27/12, 8:12 PM  

So lovely. How is it that you can even arrange throw pillows artistically?

Jannifer 11/28/12, 10:35 AM  

Love it, especially the star! Looks great, Krista.

RockyLauraRiley 11/28/12, 10:20 PM  

I love the Joy to the World on the map!

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