December 2, 2012

eleven months

Oh dear, how the time is going faster and faster. I feel like there is some great calamity in the future that I'm hurtling toward and I need to grab every second I have with this baby and seal it away for safekeeping. Which is, of course, both true and not true at all. Yes, yes, life is fleeting and precious and it comes to an end for everyone, usually quicker than we'd like. On the other hand (the bigger hand I might say), this Carter man will in fact grow up but it probably won't be so bad; he'll still be smart and funny and loving and happy and also mine, forever. Thankfully. I wouldn't be able to stand it otherwise.

Anyway, not to wax too sentimental, these are the little tricks he can now do and likes to show off:
-wave hello and goodbye
-clap (for himself, always, especially if he hears the word "hooray")
-give kisses
-high five
-climb onto the couch
-bounce on his knees
-stand alone (and probably walk, but he refuses to try)

He is a joy.


Rachel 12/3/12, 8:28 AM  

I love this post! I definitely feel like this is all going by way too quickly. But, I love every stage more than the last one so I have to assume that will just continue forever, right?? He's absolutely adorable, Krista! I can't wait to see him.

Rachel 12/3/12, 8:28 AM  
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