November 2, 2012

ten months

Oh my Carter man. What a guy you are.

I cannot get enough of this kid. Most days anyway. Sometimes I get quite enough and more thank you. Usually those days involve teething or fevers though, so his natural self is quite wonderful! I love to watch him as he gets really focused on something. He tucks his little chin down and purses his lips a bit while he examines whatever it is. It is the darling-est.

 Lately he is a climber. All over me whenever I'm holding him. Up and over couch and chair arms. Onto the couch from the floor. Onto the open dishwasher door. Using piles of books on the floor to reach higher shelves. Etc. Can't take your eyes off of him for a second or he'll break his arm falling off something.

Also he talks constantly, occasionally gives kisses, and says Mama and Dada! To the correct person! It is amazing. Being this boy's mama is the best.


lauren barney,  11/2/12, 10:40 PM  

Now all you need is to teach him to say "Auntie" :)

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