October 31, 2012

happy halloween

I spent a good long while this year thinking about costumes. I know I promised baby Yoda, but Carter has a really hard time keeping things on his head and the ears are crucial to any good Yoda costume. So that was out. I also wanted a family theme. Finally, it was decided that we would be pirates and Carter would be our parrot! Without a beak, of course, since that would involve headgear. I just sewed some felt wings and a tail onto some red pajamas. Then we found out that our new ward has a "fall festival" party instead of a Halloween party. Which meant we had nowhere to wear our costumes. After I spent long hours convincing Sam to participate, too! So we found some free activity this last Saturday that included free doughnuts for people in costume and off we went. It was lame. But the doughnut was good. And Carter was deliciously adorable, although he was quite sick that day, poor boy. Being outside and in costume was a good distraction though. And he's better now, thankfully.

Some more costume detail shots I took today (in the midst of his favorite activity):

We also ended up having a party at our house for a few couples who live nearby. It was originally planned so we could wear our costumes somewhere but then we decided on a murder mystery game where dressing up in character was encouraged. So we put on different costumes, although we didn't get a picture because before we could, Carter threw up on me because he hated the flavor of his medicine for his fever and gagged. Too much info? Probably, sorry. Anyway, besides my sick baby, it was really fun. I especially enjoyed the decorating for this party, maybe a little too much.

So there you have it. The full extent of our Halloween. I will pass out some candy tonight perhaps if anyone comes but otherwise, see you next year.


Rachel 10/31/12, 7:49 PM  

Did you change your table colors? Did you already post about painting them and I missed it? I feel like I don't know your new apartment at all because I haven't been out there since you moved in! Cute party decorations though =) You're completely wonderful at such things! Sometimes I fantasize about flying you out here and letting you decorate my home for me.

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