April 5, 2013

recent projects + latest thrift store finds

First off is this pendant lamp I made out of a metal basket (I think?) from a thrift store and a light kit I ordered from the internet. I wrapped the cord in twine, attached it to the upside down basket using such special tools as a black twist tie and hung it from a hook in the ceiling. 

Then we have a couple of paintings found at the thrift store, both of boats. I have a thing for them.

Next, a small clay bowl from the thrift store. I painted the inside pink and sprayed glossy sealant in there too.

Up next, this very dirty mid-century vinyl storage bench whose hardware and legs were in pretty good shape. I cleaned it with high hopes and while it definitely looked cleaner after, it was still quite stained. So, crossing my fingers, I used some fabric and vinyl spray paint.

And this is how it turned out! I quite love it.

Finally, a little teepee for a small boy. We used this tutorial, loosely, and got a twin sized bed sheet from the thrift store, some wood from the hardware store, and elastic from the craft store. He seems to like it.


Betty 4/5/13, 6:23 PM  

Krista, you're hired. When can you start work on my house?

Stacie S-H 4/7/13, 11:26 PM  

omgoodness - the storage bench looks fantastic again! Wowow, LOVE IT

Rachel 4/12/13, 2:44 PM  

That storage bench rocks my world!

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