September 29, 2010

love where you live part 1

Today I'm pretending that I'm one of those "real" bloggers and starting a series of blog posts! What what! And my husband just cringed and maybe punched a wall but sometimes you gotta just say "what what!" in a special voice. Anyway, I am calling this Love Where You Live and I'm going to show you spots in my little old rental apartment that really make me love being there. Because no matter what situation in which one happens to be, it can be lovely. 

(if I were really a "real" blogger, this would be where I would put my series logo I just designed in Photoshop ) 

As an introduction to the series, let me explain some things about my apartment. We have four rooms including a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Our front door opens up to a teeny hallway which serves as laundry area rather than an entryway. But, we do have our own washer and dryer.  I have already mentioned here that we live in a basement where the low ceilings slope randomly and have crisscrossing hot-water pipes across them. But the pipes keep us warm in the winter and I actually kind of like the quaint look they have. We don't have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal, but we have a good sized dining nook and enough cupboards for all our dishes. Some of our windows are small, basement windows, but some of them are big, regular windows. A large hearth takes up a lot of the floor space in our living room, but we have a cool old wood-burning stove. Our carpet is pretty beat up but we have a lovely exposed brick wall. See, good always comes with whatever bad there is (this is the point, in case you missed it above).

So to start off, here is what I love today:

This is the window sill above our kitchen sink. The window may look out on our landlady's driveway but that's not what I see whenever I'm in the kitchen. I see the beautiful glass bottles and vases I got at a thrift store and filled with snips of colorful flowers. They make me happy. I admire them while I'm washing dishes and then suddenly the dishes are clean. It's magic. And I love it.


Rachel 9/30/10, 11:04 AM  

Oo! I'm very anxious for this blog series. Betty told me your apartment is very cute, I'm excited to see it all, especially with witty Krista commentaries. Lovely window sill, and even lovelier attitude =)

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