October 6, 2010

love where you live part 2

It's time for part two of my series that helps me remember to be happy where I am. You can see part one and my explanation here.

So I know you have seen two of the main features in this one already (here and here) but I still love both prints and hello check out that birdcage Sam got me for my birthday because he knows my obsession with birds (along with every other blogger in the universe). Except the birds that lived in the parking lot at my office a couple months ago. They were vicious and would dive bomb anyone walking through. I was terrified of them. But they met their end through a bb gun and I had nothing to do with it and now it's time to move on from this story. Anyway, when I was picking posters to put in some poster frames we had, I surprised Sam with this Puerto Rican flag because he served his mission there and loved it and spends lots of his free time looking at real estate there and marveling at how you can buy a house on the beach for $20k. Unfortunately that is $20k more than we have and so this flag makes do for now. Also, that is one of our engagement pictures and I love it so much I have a copy on my desk at work too. We look so very happy! Two years since that picture was taken and I still look at him with the same expression on my face.


Nicole 10/9/10, 8:27 PM  

such a nice surprise with the flag :)

Bridget 10/15/10, 6:35 AM  

seriously?! killer birds? that sounds scary. and thanks for your comment! we shall see if you are the hat winner- and we become hat twins!!

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