January 12, 2011

random photo: childhood

I was kind of stuck for a picture for this post but then I was inspired by Kendi's post

We certainly were good looking back then. Hopefully it combines well someday.


Brissa 1/12/11, 9:48 AM  

This is adorable. And yes, your babies will be just as good looking if not an epic/sexy combination of the two of you.

The Bright Bit 1/12/11, 9:54 AM  

that picture is so so cute! i also love your bedspread.


Ashley Arnold 1/12/11, 10:06 AM  

Oh my gosh... you are adorable.

Jen Adair 1/12/11, 10:36 AM  

So cute! This is what you looked like when I met you in kindergarten! Or was it first grade?

Kristina and Joe 1/12/11, 10:56 AM  

You look like a brunette Lauren. So cute.

Penny 1/12/11, 2:07 PM  

I so remember you looking like that, but I don't remember those glasses! Always cute though! Miss you girl!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries 1/13/11, 3:52 AM  

HaHA! You kinda looked alike! :)


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