January 7, 2011

fashion friday: miracles

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: gift
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Tights: American Eagle
Shoes: Forever Young

When we came home from our vacation last Friday, we found our driveway completely frozen over with four inches of ice. Looks like we won't see concrete again until spring. Also it is quite hazardous to walk on it, particularly in heels. I had to cling to Sam's arm every time I tried this week. But now we don't have to shovel the snow for the rest of the winter! Because it's impossible!

Who am I kidding, I never shoveled snow anyway. Thanks, Husband!

So, want to hear about a small miracle that happened to us? We drove home from California last week and though it took a couple of tries to start the car at the beginning of the drive, we made it all the way home with no problems, and then we got to the bottom of our driveway and got stuck in the snow. Sam turned off the car and got out to push while I came around to the driver's seat. I tried to turn the car back on and it wouldn't turn on. I was pretty annoyed at first that this had happened. We only have one car and therefore problems with it are quite inconvenient. But, we called a tow truck and since I was rather certain it was the starter, I called the repair place where we had our starter replaced just 16 months ago. The guy said that our warranty on the part was only for 12 months, but since we were close to that, he would just take care of it for us. And our tow was free with our insurance. It wasn't fixed until Monday so we spent last weekend without a car, but overall, it didn't cause us any problems. We didn't have to pay for anything and we made it all the way to our own driveway safely. What was at first an annoyance was really, with closer inspection, a manifestation that God is aware of us and loves us. To me, a miracle.


Betty 1/7/11, 10:41 AM  

I believe in miracles!

Rachel 1/7/11, 9:52 PM  

love the look! and how awesome that it worked out with your car!

linsey grae 1/9/11, 6:53 PM  

i gave you a blogger award, you should go check it out!

Brittney 1/12/11, 5:03 PM  

cuuuuute! love how the bottom half is just *bam* black, and the upper is softer shades of ivoryish. this is a great look.

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