January 10, 2011

love where you live part 6

This is part six of my series to help me remember to be happy where I am. Past posts in this series: one (plus an explanation), twothree, four, and five.

Did you miss this?!?! I thought I'd take a break while my Christmas decorations were up, because you know, nothing I would have posted would actually be how my house looked. But now we're back, and this one is my new favorite. The bedroom! My nightstands are my Christmas gift to myself, using the money my grandpa gave me as a gift. So really they are his present to me which is even better. While I was in California at a thrift store, I found both of these tables and picked them up for $12! Together! And they weren't damaged at all. Joy.

The lamps were a wedding gift, the quilt at the foot of the bed and the sheets and pillowcases were a wedding gift, the white comforter we bought at Ross, the alarm clock I bought at Walmart, and the string of cafe lights was a gift from Sam a couple birthdays ago because he knew how much I love cafe lights. The framed picture has all of the tickets to events we attended when we were dating and engaged. 

I find our bedroom so peaceful and relaxing now. Especially since, on New Year's Day, in a fit of organization, Sam and I went through all of our financial papers (such a mess) and all of the boxes of his stuff from his childhood, which had previously been stacked against a wall in our bedroom. Now they are gone and I love our bedroom.


Sarah Familia 1/10/11, 7:22 AM  

Snuggly. Very snuggly. Whose nightstand is the one with the books?

I love it that you went through "all the boxes of stuff from his childhood." Is it really not normal to have multiple boxes of stuff from one's childhood? Tony tried to go through all my boxes before we were married, but when I cried, he said I could keep whatever I wanted, so I kept it all. We eventually went through the boxes again a few years later. I still didn't get rid of much, but we organized it and transferred it into clear stacking plastic tubs. So the fruits of Tony's organizational instincts and my sentimental instincts now live in blissful harmony. In our faraway San Diego storage unit.

J.J. 1/10/11, 10:50 AM  

Aww! I also love your space! I wis my fella would let me have lights in our bedroom. It would make me exponentially happier. He's not a fan :( boo.

Stacie S-H 1/10/11, 12:02 PM  

Cool room! Love it! To Sarah's comment..um yes I have many tubs and boxes of things from my childhood. Tony tries to get me to downsize and I cry too! So far I havent gotten rid of much. We did organize it better though. Too funny that we are both the same that way!

triciathomas 1/11/11, 2:45 PM  

I just found your blog and am your newest follower! I love it and your bedroom just looks cozy!

kkdd,  1/11/11, 5:37 PM  

I think I'm most happy that I taught you to make your bed! hehe But really, it is beautiful honey. I love your style and I love that you've created such a wonderful place.

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