January 5, 2011

random photo: lovely gifts

That darling of mine got me a bonsai tree for Christmas! I told him once long ago that I have always wanted one. I wasn't even hinting! Now we will have to see whether I can keep it alive. I have never had a plant before.
Sam also made me these sun jars! They have solar panels on the top and sensors, so when it gets dark...
I love him.


Stacie S-H 1/5/11, 10:01 AM  

wut wut..those are awesome christmas presents. how in the world did Sam make those sun jars! and where did he find the jars?! i've been looking for that kind to do "dessert in a jar" the craft stores here just dont seem to have the right size.

Kristina and Joe 1/5/11, 10:36 AM  

I love the solar panel jars. I would love to know how to make those.

Betty 1/5/11, 11:22 AM  

Oh, you two are so talented, sweet, romantic, fun, etc. etc.

Ashley Arnold 1/5/11, 5:19 PM  

Ooh - LOVE those jars!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries 1/6/11, 12:17 PM  

Those jars are magic! You hubby is the best!!! :D


Brissa 1/6/11, 12:56 PM  

cooooool!!! sun jars!!

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