May 11, 2011

random photo: another one

Apparently people I know are just popping out baby girls because I just made another one of these. This is my favorite so far, and not only because I didn't make Sam frustrated with my inability to thread a needle. This floral fabric is the same as the shirt I made myself (worn here) that is way too tight in the sleeves but is so cheerful and springy that I still wear it. Lucky for the baby, I think this onesie will be quite comfortable.


Rachel 5/11/11, 7:13 AM  

I may be hoping for a baby girl just so I can have one of these ;). They're adorable!

Betty 5/11/11, 6:09 PM  

I'm sure Krista could come up with something just as adorable for a baby boy.

ailinh 5/16/11, 7:54 PM  

Aw. This is way too cute. I just have boys, but seeing this makes me itch for a little chika.

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