December 2, 2011

35 weeks

It's more like 35 and a half weeks at this point, mostly because I hardly ever wear anything but pajamas anymore so it's hard to have a good photograph day. Comfort is key these days as I have a pinched nerve beneath my right ribs and some serious back and round ligament pain. Also I'm usually quite short of breath. On the other hand, I've had a ridiculously easy pregnancy up until now so I think that I am just going to be grateful for that and grateful that I'm almost done and so close to meeting my little baby love. And super grateful for my husband man who is quite tender and concerned and anxious to make me as happy and comfortable as possible. A man to keep around for sure. On a slight sidenote, watching Sam and Baby delightedly interact by prodding and kicking one another is possibly the best thing about pregnancy.

We had a great Thanksgiving last week. I hope you all did too! We hosted our first one since being married and had Sam's sister and her fiance over. It was small and our guests brought half the food so it was a nice low-key first hosting. Sam made a delicious turkey and pies and salad and cranberry sauce and gravy. I mashed the potatoes, very complicated you know.

Now that it's December, I'm sort of freaking out about how much there is to do before the baby comes. I have this long list. Mostly it's all things that if they don't get done, no one will die. Actually it's all things that if they don't get done, no one will die. But mostly it's projects I've given myself like baby sewing projects and Christmas presents (making them all this year, what is wrong with me?) and various deep cleaning activities. But if the spice cupboard in our kitchen doesn't get cleaned out and I don't finish making a stuffed Chewbecca doll, I think it will be fine and no one will care but me. And I'm almost done with the Christmas presents and it's only December 2. So no need to be stressed, right? Right?!?!?


Mandy | Baking with Blondie 12/2/11, 5:35 PM  

You are seriously the hottest pregnant lady in the world! You're rockin' it! I'm so so so happy for you to hold your little guy so soon.

Kristina and Joe 12/2/11, 6:28 PM  

I think I will die if you don't finish the chewbecca doll!

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