October 18, 2010

love where you live part 3

This is part three of my series that helps me remember to be happy where I am. You can see part one and my explanation here and part two here.

Rainbow bookshelves are easy to do and are quite cheerful looking, however, you may want to memorize what color each of your books is before you do this or you may never find them again. As you can tell, we like books but do not be deceived. I have never bought any books specifically for their color and they just all came out basically even when I did this. I was a little short on pink/purple but luckily my brother brought me a pink nesting doll from Russia when he returned from his mission a year ago. The yellow dragon was in the dollar bin at Target and I love it because it's so odd. The lamp is from Ikea and finished up my gift card after I bought this rug. The reason I have it by the tv where it's totally useless is because that was pretty much the only empty surface that wasn't in the middle of the room. So no more lamps for me until I have a bigger house, but I'm quite happy with the ones I have so that is perfectly fine. The shelves themselves are also from Ikea and were a gift I chronicled here when we were young newlyweds (but probably don't go searching through my archives because that is a dangerous road my friend. There are some absolutely ridiculous posts back there). 

My visiting teacher came over this week and told me that she loves seeing my color-coded bookshelves every month. And I realized, I love them too. Which is good because I definitely have to look at them more than once a month.


Betty 10/18/10, 11:24 AM  

I love traveling the "dangerous road" of your archives.

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