November 22, 2010

love where you live part 5

This is part five of my series to help me remember to be happy where I am. Past posts in this series: one (plus an explanation), two, three, and four.

I love the fun patterns of these pillows, yet they cause much consternation to husband, as I imagine most pillows do to most men. I get mad when he smashes them and he insists there is no room for him to not be smashing them. I think we have come to an agreement of sorts, though. He is free to throw them off on to the chair or floor or loveseat as I am free to heap them back on when he leaves. Also, he can use/smash any of them except the ones where I sewed the cover myself (the blue and white striped one and the mint green geometric patterned one) because those are much more delicate and prone to wrinkles. The others are actually quite hardy, particularly the giant tan and white striped one which is also super comfortable. So basically this represents our marriage: sometimes hardy, sometimes delicate, always comfortable, fun, and all about compromise.


Righteous Republic 11/22/10, 2:33 PM  

I really love those pillows! And that is such a great marriage analogy. My husband hates pillows too. In fact, we've been in some pretty heated debates over pillows. Usually in the pillow section of Ikea, leaving with me pouting about wanting about 46 pillows to take home for our bed/benches/couch. All we want to do is beautify!

Maybe I should get thrifty like you and sew my own covers. ;)

Ashley Arnold 11/22/10, 4:22 PM  

Yep, love the analogy. :) Writing that one down for posterity.

elyseREUBEN Custom Couture 12/4/10, 11:34 PM  

Love the pillow thoughts and so true cause we have the same discussions in my house. Usually ends with one of us laughing and bowing to the other. Same with the battle of the Fan on at night. He has the fan blowing on him and I have the electric blanket on me. Some how it works and I am looking forward to another 16 years... Aiming for at least another 70!

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